Saturday, January 26, 2008


praise the Lord, i'm done with j-term! hello, new chapter of my year. :)

i'm off to kentucky for break! see you when i get back.

Monday, January 21, 2008


so i'm back in my room now. with gray crap covering the 50+ bullet holes in our walls. and nasty/AWESOME red and yellow carpet that resembles "hotel carpet." (pictures to come, don't you worry.) but... at least we're not vagabonds anymore. which is great. and the massive dehumidifier fans are all gone. so life has returned to some form of "normal." still figuring out insurance junk. still no macbook. blah.

it's effing cold right now. single digits. kinda makes me hate indiana. (...except that pretty much everywhere is cold right now.) ah well. at least it's MLK day today. nooooo classssss.

i finally saw once. you know... that new musical set in dublin. it was.. different. but i really, really liked it. and of course it made me miss it even more... gahh.

clearly, i'm rambling now... i'm going to stop. i have more to say, but no motivation to say it. sometimes i'll be thinking about something and the next thing i know, i'm drafting a blog entry in my head. so i'm a freak? ha. don't answer that.

...more later.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


isn't it funny what kinds of things change your perspective? it took a flooded room to change mine.

the story: last friday night, at about 1.30am, a pipe burst in the attic of my dorm. it flooded 3rd west and center and hit a bunch of rooms on 2nd west. my lucky room was one of the flooded ones. at first, i was kind of shocked. then annoyed. then... homeless. ha. now, four days later, it's still frustrating (don't know what's up with insurance and whatnot... my laptop, carpet, and potentially a bunch of other things are ruined...) but lately, i've come to realize that it's all just stuff. (and hopefully, it can all be replaced.) it sucks, but it's life. and it gave me a chance to see true community and servanthood in the wee hours of saturday morning. girls on the east side opened up their rooms to us... guys came over at 2... 3... 4am to help us clean and rip up carpet. all graciously, without complaining. it gave me another reason to be thankful i'm at taylor.

i'm still "homeless" (our rooms were deemed "unliveable" since they put in this huge inflated contraption that shoots SUPER dry into our rooms.. to pull out the water in the walls and ceiling)... and i guess i just feel really "unsettled" (my stuff is spread throughout 3 or 4 rooms)... but i'm ok. and alive. and so are the rest of the girls. so life is good, right? oh! and it's my birthday. i'm totally 21. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ah, taylor.

it's grand to be back. :)