Monday, October 26, 2009

Mi Casa!

So, I promised some pictures of my new humble abode... Heeere they are!
The lovely outside.
The Dining Room.
The Living Room.

My very own bedroom (first time ever in my life!).

And finally, the girls that live there! Love them!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick Update.

Oh heyyy, blog world! It's been awhile! My bad...

Well. It's fall! I don't know about where you guys are, but in STL, it doesn't really feel like it. This cold, rainy weather is not very conducive to bonfires or anything else fall-ish, for that matter. I hope it shapes up soon. It makes me miss Taylor falls, because they always seemed so perfect and wonderful. Thank goodness I'll be heading up there in 3 DAYS!! What up, Homecoming?! Really looking forward to that, OBViously.

So... a lot of updates... not sure where to begin!

1. I moved into a house with some friends in Maplewood. The house is wonderful (I'll post pics later, for sure!) and so are the girls. I absolutely LOVE it. It was nice being home (at my parents' house) for the summer, but I had really been missing the space and freedom and the living with friends thing. This just worked out so perfectly... and the move felt so seamless and natural. Like BOOM! Instant home. It's only 12 minutes from my parents' house and 8 minutes from work! And like 15 from the city!
2. I maaaaay be dating. (And by that, I mean... I am!) It's still new-ish, but going really well. So yeah! But I'm not going to blog about it... haha. Just felt it was update-worthy.
3. I went to Farm Aid and saw some great performances by Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds, Wilco, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, and lots more. And I also saw Ben Folds at the Pageant, which was like a dream come true. I love good music!
4. The Cardinals choked. I'm still getting over this reality. It will probably take awhile longer, to be honest. I mean... it is what it is. It just feels wrong that we let go of it so soon.
5. I bought a plane ticket to Denver to visit two dear 1NE friends the first weekend in November. Excited beyond belief. Absolutely stoked. I love having the freedom to go... to buy my own ticket and take off work and just go!

Well... I'm sure there is more to update you on. But that's good enough for now. I've missed blogging. I've just been busy. Hopefully I'll be better as I get more into the groove of... life? Haha...