Wednesday, February 22, 2012

December 17.

In the midst of making wedding decisions a few months back, the topic of videography came up.  Should we have someone tape our wedding or is that something we could do without?  We went back and forth, but as the day grew closer, we decided it was important and asked a friend to videotape.

...SO glad we did.

We got the "highlight reel" back today and love it!  Our friend, Daniel, did a beautiful job of capturing little moments, details, laughs, and joy.  I'm so glad we have this tangible reminder of our wedding day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A lot of major "life events" have taken place in the last 1.5 months!  So, um... We got married.  We went on our awesome honeymoon to Europe.  While in London, I had a birthday and turned 25 (eek!).  We came back.  We merged our bank accounts.  I changed my name.  And now, we're settling into our home and "married life."

And it... is... awesome.


Jack moved into the house back in 2009, but I still feel like I'm "moving in" and trying to find spaces and homes for things.  But... it's really fun.  I love having a space to call our own.  I love figuring out life together!

I'll share some wedding/honeymoon pics soon, but for now...  here's one of my fav's from Ireland!