Friday, September 26, 2008

jim and pam.

i should be studying for my specialized reporting test tomorrow. according to the quad-shot latte i just finished, i should be good for a little longer (though it has yet to really kick in... hmm). but instead of studying, my mind drifts to the office season 5 premiere.

jim and pam are getting married. MARRIED. as it should be. as it always should have been.

i have to admit that last season's premiere was pretty spectacular, with meredith getting hit by the car and all (ha)... but JIM AND PAM GETTING ENGAGED in the first episode of this season?? it was unexpected, and i adore that. actually, can i just list the wonderful things about this engagement? ok great.

1. it's jim and pam. and they are FINALLY engaged. (duh.)
2. it was definitely not expected for a season premiere.
3. it happened in the rain. (sigh.)
4. it happened at a gas station halfway between the two of them in the middle of the day - so unexpected, but an obvious sign that jim missed her and needed her and loved her.

so basically, it was perfect.

perhaps i am a bit nerdy, but come on. if you love the office, you probably loved this episode, too. ...maybe not enough to blog about it. but then again, it is 1.30 am and i'm running on 4 shots of espresso... and an extreme will to procrastinate studying.

jim and pam halpert. AHHHH!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I was so excited too! I said "aw, I'm so happy for them even thought they're fictional!!" See, I'm a nerd too :)

Ben Swinbanks said...

i just watched the episode.. and yes. it was exciting for me too. from the end of the last season and the oh my god!!!! moment of andy stealing jim's moment (that plus michael not sealing the deal with holly?!!?!) what!!!??!?!

i was shocked and awed... and left waning.. until that last moment with ang and dwight...

but this premiere closed one door that had been open for too long.. it for me filled the dream that im sure we all would like to live one day.. i know i would. to get the 'one' after all this time. i dont think it would have the impact it did if we didnt go through 4 seasons f trials and tribulations before it. maybe its the heinous mix of multiple brands of beer and wines talking.. but i love that these two are in love.. fictional or no.

(yes "NO" not "NOT")


Alisse Goldsmith said...

who was that guy in pam's class!?!? please tell me he's NOT signifcant. i will cry if something happens to this relationship!!!!

p.s. i get to see you in A WEEK!!!

The Boojes said...

Okay, I am SO not an Office person...I've only seen one episode, and frankly, I wasn't impressed. Didn't see much "good, true or beautiful" there. Can we still be friends??? =)

And just watch out. You know enough about storylines to know that there needs to be a crisis to have a climax and then a solution...I'm just sayin'! =P