Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pic update.

I promised some pictures of life over the past several months...  Sooo, here's a small smattering of the favs.  :)

 Niagara Falls!
 A trip to Toronto to see the Cards play the Blue Jays!
 Summer vaca in Myrtle Beach.
 Beach cheers!
 The whole fam!
 Kristen and me on Uncle Tom's boat.
At the Forest Park Balloon Glow!
  Schlafly's Hop in the City.
 Friends, cousins, and fam, tailgating before the MIZZOU game!
 Wedding in Kansas City.

In front of the Wheel of Fortune bus after the tryouts!  Yeeeah!

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The Boojes said...

Oh. my. goodness. So much time has passed since I saw you! I think I see Rachel more often than I see you, and she LIVES IN NEW YORK! Wow. We need to get together, my friend. Coffee. Calling our names!