Wednesday, March 28, 2012

52 Reasons.

March has just been a great big, wonderful month!  I've been attempting to document each day with the #marchphotoaday challenge... which has been surprisingly harder to stay on top of than I thought!  I'm also way behind on getting wedding/honeymoon/life pictures online.  I suppose someday I'll get it together, but life is so full and beautiful and I'm just not too worried about those details.  :)  

In the meantime (and because I'm secretly proud of myself), I wanted to share a little project that was totally not my idea.  At all.  In fact, when I googled "52 Reasons," several pages of these little books popped up, ranging in all sorts of style and creativity.  I first found this idea on pinterest months ago, and tucked it away in my mental to-do list for Jack's birthday in March.

The project: create a "booklet" out of a deck of cards with all the reasons you love someone...  52 reasons.

I started with a word doc. of a handful of reasons I love my husband, then added to it until I reached 52.  I came up with all sorts of reasons, ranging from from his laugh, to the fact that we eyeroll at all the same things together, to his patience, to his love of the Lord.  

At that point, I went shopping for supplies: a deck of cards, kraft paper, adhesive, and book rings.  Simple enough!  

I hole punched each playing card, then measured the size of the "reason" cards and chopped them up with my paper trimmer.  I corner rounded the edges, then began writing.  Lots of examples I saw online used labels or were printed through photoshop, but I opted for the handwritten look.  Once they were finished, I stuck all the reasons to the deck of cards.  Due to the thickness of the kraft paper I purchased, it caused the booklet to have a sort of "bursting at the seams" look which I kind of dig.  :)  Finally, I clamped the cards together with some book rings.  And voila!  A cute little heartfelt book.  

And he loved it!