Friday, August 10, 2007

oh, life.

i am unemployed! hoooray! as of last friday, my internship is completed, and i am a FREE WOMAN! (for a couple weeks, anyway... but i'm SO thankful for those weeks.)

last weekend was amazing. i think these pictures sum it up...

yummy food.
much laughter.
soap fight at the car wash.

right now, i sit at kaldi's in a booth by myself, sipping coffee, and trying to focus long enough to write my final internship paper. but i can't focus. you know why? because this just hit me: I MOVE BACK TO THE CORNFIELDS IN 2 WEEKS. but... i think what's more shocking than the fact that summer's almost over is that I AM HALF-WAY THROUGH COLLEGE. it's funny how things finally decide to hit you like that. i've been halfway through college for about 4 months now and it finally hit me today: only 2 more years. (and they will probably fly by.) that kind of scares me.

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Boo said...

Blake!! I cant believe you were at the swings at wheaton grammar! i usually live there, i mean, during the school year i do. also... i was listening to a song by the weepies today- gotta have you- its one of my favorites. and... oh i had one more thing to tell you, but i cant remember, oh well. i love you! i miss you!! must see you soon, its been over a YEAR. thats bad.
bye blake!