Tuesday, August 14, 2007

oh the memories.

so yesterday, in preparation of painting my room, i cleaned out every drawer, shelf, box, and crevice in my room. basically. and you would not believe how much junk i threw away! but what i couldn't believe is how many memories i rediscovered. every card, note, picture, piece of paper, ticket stub, and letter... they're all tied to very specific memories... some which i was ok parting with... some which i will never throw away. would you believe that i actually teared up a few times while cleaning up my room?? i found my acceptance letter to taylor, my acceptance letter to ireland, my old roommate information cards, a packing-for-college list for freshmen, a bazillion handwritten notes from dear friends... i'm so thankful i kept these tangible reminders of good friends and great experiences. yesterday, i was reminded of how blessed i am.

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Boo said...

i hope you kept all those bathroom stall notes!