Saturday, September 1, 2007

good old taylor.

so i'm working the olson hall front desk tonight when three women walk in. they're taylor alums visiting from chicago. (i'd guess they were in their mid 30's.) they were going into marion with their friend (our new hall director), and while they were waiting for her, we got to talking. one of the women is a former first norther (which, although i'm not living there this year, will always be a place dear to me). they kept talking about how many memories are wrapped up in this campus/area for them. they said when they were juniors here, mi pueblo opened and became "THE place" to go. "so much has changed," one of them said, "and yet... it's still taylor." they said they had to laugh when they pulled off highway 69 and saw a starbucks in gas city. "NO WAY!" they laughed.

this got me thinking. what's taylor going to be like in 10 years? 20? i know it will change, but i'm sure it will still be taylor. you know what's funny? i spent 5 minutes talking to these women (i don't even remember their names), but we had a common bond. it was unspoken, but it was so real. i heard it in their laughter and i saw it in their eyes as they reminisced. though separated by years, we were all taylor family. i love that. no matter what changes in the next few decades, i'm confident that taylor will always be "home."

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