Monday, February 4, 2008

pass that parcel.

you know those little pieces of truth you hear in sermons and talks that just stick with you?  you know - the kind you recall in the most critical times.  it can be a story or metaphor...  my mom calls them "nuggets."  haha.

well i got one today.  a good one.

in chapel, the speaker (who had the most amazing scottish accent!) gave the analogy of this british game (essentially hot potato for americans) called "pass the parcel."  in this little british party game, children pass a parcel around in a circle.  when the music stops, the object is to be empty handed.  ...did you catch that?

the object of the game - the only way to win - is to end up  empty handed.

i love this.  i almost started tearing up during this point in his message.  it was as if God was like, "here, blake.  this one's for you."  it was EXACTLY what i needed to hear.  see, i usually try to hold on to situations in my own strength.  but lately, i've felt the Lord slowly prying my fingers away...  from housing plans for next year...  from summer internships...  from relationships...  from future plans.  it's not fun, but it's freeing.  and i'm slowly learning to be okay with it.  He hasn't failed me yet.  i don't know why i worry.

so today, i prayed.  and i passed that silly parcel.


julia brantley said...

this entry made me want to start blogging again. :)
and i think i should listen to the chapel message from that day.

reunion in t minus 23 days!
love you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I've never thought of it that way, related to the game like that. Live palms up, hands open.
You're delightful!