Saturday, June 14, 2008

time to... save?

lately, i've been trying to save money.  (that's the responsible thing to do your last summer before your senior year of college, right?)  perhaps the best way to do that for blake bachman is to cut back on the relatively frequent trips to coffee shops.  but you know what?  i've realized i can only do this so much.

on the way home from dropping my sister off at volleyball early this morning (9am on a saturday is early...), the all too familiar craving came over me.  remembering that i have a giftcard in my wallet (recently found while cleaning up the basement, probably from 3 christmases ago), i navigated to the nearest caffeinated haven.  (giftcard = totally justifiable.)  grande caramel macchiato, please and thank you.  the first sip was heaven.  a smile instantly spread across my tired face.  as i drove home from the webster groves starbucks, windows down, music high, sipping my macchiato, i wondered if it was my imagination or if life was actually better?  it was then that i came to this conclusion: you can only deny yourself so much expensive coffee.  yes, it's good to save money.  yes, $4 is quite a lot to pay for a cup of joe.  but there are other drinks...  such as the iced double shot which is only $2.50.  (which only makes for more justifying on my part- i'm good at that.)  but money aside, it's coffee we're talking about, here.  the lifeblood of...  many people.  life paired with coffee is a beautiful thing, friends.  they go hand in hand.
my brother, paul, made a good point the other day.  "you can't really put a price on the joy you get from a good starbucks drink."  well said, young grasshopper.  well said.
in conclusion?  screw money.  not worth it in the end.


rachel said...

{my parent's came through nashville today on their way back from florida. i had mom read your blog. she shared common goals.]

i completely agree. and am right there with you.

one of these days i'll kick the habit. until then, it's all about the simple joys.

momma sawyer

lb said...

and this is why i love you. :)