Monday, August 11, 2008

pool party?

soo... i'm getting baptized!

the story behind it is long, because it's been several years "in the making." i've wanted to be baptized for awhile, but just never felt a peace about it. until now. God's been doing some big stuff in my heart this summer, so when the doors opened for this to happen before i head back to school, it was like "YES! DOIN' IT!"

our church is pretty big, but the service my family goes to (quest) is smaller, so we're doing the baptism off-site. in a swimming pool. (i LOVE that.)

it's a big step, so i figured it was blog-worthy. it's next sunday, so i'm sure i'll have more thoughts later...

ps. on a completely unrelated note, why do mondays always suck? i mean, always... right down to the fact that my morning coffee was watery and since i was rushing out the door on the way to work (nothing's changed), i was forced to drink it. unbelievable.


LIZ said...

first of all, you're great, amazing, awesome, wonderful, "insert similar adjective here". seriously. :)

second, i'm so excited for you getting baptized! and in a pool! i like that... i was baptized in a lake so i'm a fan of the unconventional thing. :)

third, i'm going back the 18th. caaaan't wait. when are you back??

this is me. said...

i'm so excited for you blake! i can't wait to hear about your baptism NEXT week :)

have you decided which necklace yet?

lovee you