Thursday, July 31, 2008

carpe diem?

aside from selected moments where i've gotten overwhelmed with the ominous "future" or just life in general, this has been the most fulfilling summer i've had in awhile, or maybe, ever.  instead of wishing my summer away so i can get back to my friends and the familiarity of that crazy town of upland, i've been enjoying my summer.  really enjoying it.  this is my last summer at home before i graduate.  and this year is my last year of college.  i'd be a fool not to soak this summer up and take it for what it's worth.  besides, st. louis is baller.  except for the humidity.
so, tomorrow is august.  that means i have 18 days left in the lou.  senior year is coming quickly, dudes.  i've been warned that once it begins, it flies.  although this is a bit scary, i think this summer has been prepping me on how to "soak it up."  if there's one thing i've learned these past few years, it's that life is not guaranteed.  it is a precious, precious gift.  i'm not going to wish a day away because i have a test or a presentation or an interview i'm dreading.  that's one day of my life, one day unlike any other i'll ever have again.  soak it up.  live it up.  those are my goals for senior year.  i have a feeling it's going to be a blast.  
alright, that's enough "seize the day" talk for one day.  on an unrelated and kind of opposite note, you need to listen to this...  go to  type in "dead puppies" and click on the first result.  it is so funny.  (i'd have put up the youtube link, but some of them are, um, slightly graphic.)  enjoy!


caroline said...

It does go way too quickly!! Right now I desperately wish I could be back in your position, looking ahead to senior year instead of looking back at it:( i love you.

rachel said...

after reading your blog, i've had 'dead puppies' stuck in my head for approximately 2.7 days now.