Monday, July 7, 2008

check him out. for real.

an update is coming soon, i promise.

to tide you over until then (i'm sure you're dying to hear what's been going on in this brain, right?  er..) ...  youtube "greg laswell."  he opened for ingrid michaelson this past wednesday. (which, by the way, is in my top 4 concerts of all time, i think.  maybe even 3.  ok, probably 4.  but it was still so, so good.)  ingrid is a fricking genius.  but greg held his own.  i've never loved an opening band, and i'd never even heard of him, but he was brilliant.  he's funny and honest and talented.  such a great combo.  check. this. guy. out.
some of my favorite lyrics (from his song "embrace me"):
o river won't you take me
out into the sea
so i can get a good look back 
at the land that grounds me
and then a little further out
so i can feel alone
much more than i have these days

o then won't you embrace me
o won't you embrace me?

AHH.  so. good.


Emily said...

Mmm, he's pretty foxy too.

Emily said...

WOOHOO for blogspot indeed! I've had it for only a little over a week...but it just seemed classier. Ahaha, I don't know. God, it's been forever since I've seen you my love! I may stalk you at school, fyi.

Puddleglum in Texas said...

once again, you open my ears to another amazing musician. how do you do it?!

May I suggest to you Mike Doughty, Fundamental Elements, Priscilla Ahn and Steve Moakler? They're all phenomenal. (very jealous that you got to see ingrid, by the way)