Monday, November 24, 2008

mish mash.

random reflection: isn't it weird how when you're living life, you lose perspective? i always say that the day or the week or the semester is "flying by." but is it? or is that just the speed of life and i'm still not used to it?


well anyway. a few things...

1. you should listen to vampire weekend. (the band.) mmm.
2. i sang karaoke last saturday night for the first time ever. we went out to a karaoke bar to celebrate a friend's birthday, and i ended up loving my life. i sang spice girls' "wannabe" with some roommates and a friend. it was ridiculous and hilarious. when we finished, a drunk man yelled out "DAMN NEAR PERFECTION!" and the woman in charge commented that we "wouldn't have any trouble finding lovers." HAHA. oh the things we do for our friends.
3. i've decided to start sending out more e-cards lately. i've decided that monk-e-mail and hoops and yoyo make life a lot better.
4. happy GOLDEN anniversary, parents! 24 years on the 24th. i'm really glad you decided to get married. :)

thanksgiving break is so close, i can taste it. it tastes like turkey.


Boo said...

dear blake, i like your blog alot, and i love you even more. I wish we still went to the same college and lived on english 1North again. that was really fun. I so vividly remember going into your room, you would sit at the desk and we listened to Kings of Convenience together, then we spied on the people sitting on the picnic table outside having a RDT/DTR. Ahh, freshman year.
Im sitting in the library at home drinking a latte and doing homework (aka looking at your blog, Why does this place have free internet!!?). i want to see you again soon.
This probably should have been an email, not a comment. oops.
love you!
love boo

Brittany said...

i'm glad you love vampire weekend so much blakie. :)

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