Monday, November 3, 2008


the weather has been ridiculously pleasant lately. today's high was 74 degrees. and people were freaking out. "it's NOVEMBER!" they said. "why is it SO nice??" they have a point. it is, afterall, november. and last week, it was in the 30's.

but i decided not to question. today was a gift and i chose to accept it, love it, and relish it... no matter "the reason" for the sudden burst of unusually gorgeous weather.

i worked out today, and instead of walking right back to my apartment, i took the long way back, around the loop. i don't typically walk the loop by myself, but i felt it was necessary today. so i walked it myself, soaking up the weather, the people, the changing leaves and the unusual burst of outdoor activities. it was all so lovely, but the trees were perfect. they made me think of this quote... perhaps my favorite fall quote ever.

"it was warm and bright and the trees were full in color, magnificent, explosive, like permanent fireworks -- reds and yellows, oranges, some so brilliant that crayola never put them in crayons, for fear the children would color outside the lines." --garrison keillor, eloise

isn't that great?

as i rounded the bend by wengatz, and spotted english hall, in all her glory, it hit me: a tiny twinge of... homesickness? that's the only way i know how to describe it. i have little reason to venture to that side of campus this year, so i guess the sight of it just... made me miss it. i wouldn't want to go back. no sir. i've done the dorm thing 3 times, and got a well rounded experience through english and olson, thank you. although i LOVE living off campus now, i'd be lying if i didn't admit to missing old wingmates and the innocence that came with being an underclassmen. that's gone now, because the real world is sneaking up on me, and sooner or later, i'm going to have to grow up... somewhat. (frick.)

on another note, i hit a raccoon tonight. my first roadkill. i mean, i hit the poor sucker HEAD ON... felt the bump, heard the crunch. and i screamed like a little girl. now that i've settled down, i'll admit i feel a strange sense of accomplishment. but seriously, this thing was begging for death... it froze in the middle of the road and looked up at me. there was a car coming the other way, so swerving was not an option. i slowed down, but so did he, and it was split-second stop and go game until i finally nailed it. oh well. guess there's a first for everything. my brother and the other guys in the car thought it was the best thing ever, showering me with high-fives and roaring laughter. so there's a memory, i guess.

alright. i'm off to do homework. or maybe to avoid homework, which is a skill i've recently MASTERED. helllloooo senioritis!

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