Saturday, January 3, 2009

Update on my dad.

I promised people I'd update them, but I don't have much time... so I'm putting it here for now. My dad's doctor is about 90% sure he has cancer of some form. They think Lymphoma. It's good news he doesn't have lung cancer like they thought, but... yeah. Still not so great. His surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. After that, they'll know for sure what's going on and what has to be done next. Regardless, it will be a long road for him. So please keep him/my family in your prayers. Thanks tons.



Marilyn said...

We will be praying for your dad and all of you. And for wisdom for the doctors.
In Him,Mr. & Mrs. Baker

Alisse Goldsmith said...

Oh Blake, I'm praying. If you need to talk, I'm here. Love you.

Ed Eubanks said...

Dear Blake,

Normally I'm a lurker (I thought it might freak you out if you knew I was a regular reader).

But I wanted you to know that I'm heavy-hearted about your dad, and will be praying for him, you, and the rest of your family.

The Lord be with you.