Sunday, January 25, 2009


Geeze louise, J-term went fast. Two more days of class! Ok, I'm not even going to pretend to act surprised, because I knew it would go fast... it's only 3 weeks. I guess it just went a little faster than I'd hoped it would.

I'm supposed to be reading my book for my extra credit paper right now, but of course, since we all know how great I am at procrastinating... a little blog update.

Unsorted thoughts in no particular order:

1. Contemp is a bad class to take for J-term. I am burnt out.
2. Paul leaves for Ireland in five days. Five. (Super bittersweet...)
3. Speaking of Paul... he, his roommate, and I recently consumed 6-shot venti Starbucks drinks... for fun... with minimal caffeine effects. (Not good? But OH so fun!)

4. C.S. Lewis is THE MAN. I forgot how much I love him.
5. Rach and I redecorated the apartment. It's chic. Stayed tuned for pics?
6. I think it's really funny when people 'advertise' their blogs via facebook status. And it seems like it's been happening frequently... Please slap me on the face if I ever do that!
7. I have found my life calling. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Paul and I worked the latte bar at our church this morning. (Yes, our church has an espresso machine. We don't mess around!) It was our first time working, and I was a little nervous since it had been awhile since we'd been trained. But guys, it was like riding a bicycle. Paul pulled the shots. I steamed the milk. And it was beautiful. The thrill of the controlled chaos behind the counter and of caffeinating the church body made me want to be a barista more than anything. Something just clicked in me... and in Paul, too. We were giddy. I love when service intersects with interests and passions. :)
8. My Dad is doing well. He had his first round of chemo on Friday. My mom said that other than being tired, he's done incredibly well thus far. Thank you for your prayers! Please keep them coming.
9. I was supposed to job hunt over J-term and I haven't done squat. Any thoughts, encouragement, or hook-ups would be appreciated. Ha. I... really need to get on that.
10. Conveniently, at number 10, I'm finally tired. Guess I'm going to bed. (Sorry, extra credit reading.)

Goodnight, friends.


The Boojes said...

Goodnight, Blakie! Thanks for the update...hope you slept "tight"! =)

Alisse Goldsmith said...

I'm glad that your dad is doing better :) Still thinking and praying.

I think if I drank that much coffee I would have a stroke. I drank a triple shot my freshman year for Echo airband night and was so ill.

And don't stress about job hunting too much. You would find something you love, I am sure of it :)