Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dad Update.

My dad started his second round of chemo yesterday. Mom says he is still looking and feeling good, but also that he's just recently become bald. Despite the fact that he's had a full head of hair his entire life, he's handling this well, joking that he has "a great head shape." :) Even though I haven't seen any pictures yet, this knowledge kind of hits me hard... it's like a physical acknowledgment that he's fighting cancer, you know? I try not to think about it too much.

Supposedly, the nausea and fatigue get worse with each treatment, but I'm praying that it doesn't...

So, there's a quick update. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for asking. I so appreciate it.

(A picture I just found today. It's me and Dad from way back when.) :)


The Boojes said...

Awww...cute pic! =) Thanks for the update, Blakie. We'll keep praying!

Oh - and if your dad's hair is anything like my brother's was, when it grows back in after the chemo it's AMAZINGLY soft. Like chick down. =)

Anonymous said...

i love you blakieb... thanks for keeping us updated :) i'm praying for your dad & your whole fam!