Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Week...

Life's been a bit of a whirlwind of late.

Last week, Paul came back from Ireland and spent a week on campus. It. was. wonderful.

Last week was also the Media Banquet... which means I am officially done with my portfolio and with our senior capstone class... PRAISE THE LORD!!!

At the end of the week, my mom came up to get Paul and to move out most of my stuff... always the most depressing part of the year. I hate bare walls and empty shelves, but it will make next week infinitely easier.

And now? I have finals... 2 of them, basically... and I am done. But not just done until next fall... done with undergraduate studies. Forever. Yeah, that probably won't sink in for awhile.

There are all these little "lasts." The last chapel... the last class... I've pushed all of it aside until this morning, when I went to my last Exit 59 church service.

I freaking love that church. I've been going since freshman year - with different groups of people through the years, and every now and then, by myself. But regardless, I've always known I can go there on Sunday mornings and be filled. Few things have been more influential in my spiritual life than this church. I have several journals full of scribbled notes and insights. I leave every week encouraged and challenged and thankful for the body of Christ. So, this morning, when I realized today was my last Sunday, I felt the tears well up... inconveniently, in the middle of a worship song. It's just hard to find a place I can resonate with so deeply... a place where I know without a doubt that I belong... a place full of broken and honest and loving people. Exit 59 is sacred ground for me. It was rough letting go this morning as I drove away.

I know this week is going to go by fast, so I'm trying to savor. Ohhh, life.