Saturday, May 2, 2009

Next step.

It's funny that I have no idea what I'm doing next with my life, not even summer plans, and yet I'm kind of ready to take the next step. If you had asked me last semester, I'd have been sad... perhaps, a bit dramatic. But now, I just know that I'll be ok. And I know that college is only for a season. I can't stretch it out forever... and I wouldn't want to! I have a whole life to live. And honestly, that makes me a little bit giddy. I'm ready for something new. It would be easier to have peace with leaving if I actually had a job secured... but I guess life doesn't always take the most direct route. So, I'm learning to be ok, regardless. (Except I'm NOT ready to leave my wonderful friends. But I'm... not thinking about that part yet. Ok, moving on!)

These past few weeks have been absolutely insane. I've been drained in every way possible. And I felt a little like this slug...

But now, my portfolio final draft has been turned in... and is being graded... so we'll see. And some other bigger assignments/projects/presentations are over. So, PRAISE GOD for that. I can breathe a little easier now. (Ok, not really... but it's nice to have those things over. There's just always something else...)

A quick overview of my next few weeks:
Next week: Just... keep doing my thing. Projects and job hunting.
The week after next week: PAUL COMES BACK! MAYHEM! Senior Media Banquet. Study for finals, whaaat? Move out of the apartment... partially.
The week after the week after next week: Finals week and GRADUATION (May 23)!!!

Ahh. It's wrapping up quickly. Please pray I get some semblance of a job? For at least the summer? Ok, thanks. :)

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