Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alice in Wonderland.

Yesterday, I stopped by the Galleria on the way home from work to pick up facewash. I had been inside the store for about 30 seconds when this employee rushes up to me and goes, "OH. MY. GODDDD." I look up to see a flamboyant gay man with his hands on his hips and jaw dropped.

I smile and say, "Heyy..."

He says, "Girl. You look look like Alice in Wonderland!"

(At this point, I am trying SO hard not to laugh.)

"Oh... thanks!"

He shakes his head and flails his arms, "NO, NO! In a GOOD way. That dress is magical... Sweet and innocent and feminine." Then he lowers his voice and whispers, "But secretly naughty!"

I BUSTED out laughing, then tried to control myself as he told me I "haaaaad" to try their new moisturizer. He stuffed trial sized samples into my bag and referred to me as "girrrrrlfriend" about six times while I was checking out. Then told me to have an "amaaazzing dayyyy!"

I left the store swinging my bag of facewash and moisturizer samples... laughing at the past 3 minutes of my life. A mall cop gave me a funny look... I was by myself, afterall. But, ohhh man. What a GREAT way to end the work day.


Emily said...

I LOVE when this stuff happens. I've recently made friends with a gay guy at the Gap who gives me a major boost in self confidence every time I come in as he always tells me how cute I am. And he gives me secret coupons. Yay! :)
Blake, you secretly naughty girl, you.

Madeline said...

Haha, what dress were you wearing??? Sounds like an awesome day to me!

amanda-case said...

omg I love my are so secretly naughty and that is one of the many things I love an appreciate you my blessed friend!

liz said...

ohh blake. i wish i could have watched this all happen... :)

you have a gift for story telling, just in case you weren't already aware! haha

Anonymous said...

i heart this story :)

Hannah said...

hahaha Your naughtiness is no secret .....

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