Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colorado in Pics!

Thumbs up for the mountains! Love them!

Unexpected beauty.
Lonely Pine.



Boo said...

blake! how did you get daci and julia in the pictures? i mean, what were you all doing in colorado!? i miss all of you!
your new abode looks amazing.
and love your music too- wintersong is an all time fav.
love you.

blake elizabeth said...

Becca!! I went to CO just to visit those two! Dace is doing the Focus program in CO Springs and Jules is in Grad school in Denver! I'll have to come visit YOU sometime soon, too! Love you!

Anonymous said...

so blake i absolutely love ready up dates on you...even though you are my sis and i most probably have heard them before. buut what the heck. i just love your words and pictures. you are so talented. no joke. seri. oh yeah and get excited for our backpacking trip through europe in 5 years. unless grad school...8 blah.