Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aaand now it's Christmastime!

So, Thanksgiving came and went! Already! I meannn... Obviously, I love Turkey Day, but it doesn't even compare to Christmas. No way. I literally get giddy with excitement when I think of all that December holds. This time of year is absolutely the BEST! Don't get me started!

At church this morning, we sang O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Our worship leader challenged us to really think through the words as we sang them. I didn't get much past the word "Emmanuel." I remembered from some vague, distant memory - probably from an old Sunday School lesson or song lyric - that the word means "God with us." We throw that thought around a lot, but as I was focusing on it this morning, it really hit me. Emmanuel... God with me... present... here for me... always. How revolutionary and encouraging and comforting is that?! You're probably thinking, yeahhh, oook, Blake... That's like the most basic truth. And it is. But you can't help when things hit you in a new way!

Praise God he's with us always. Seriously. And praise God for Christmastime!

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The Boojes said...

Hey, I met a girl named "Blaike" this morning! =) Imagine that!

Thanks for posting. I'd love to see your little house sometime...maybe we'll have to arrange something (how 'bout me inviting myself over, huh?! =P)