Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Farewell note.

Dear 2009,

What a year you've been! Perhaps, the fullest year of my life... ever. Up's and down's, but I expected nothing less!

Off-the-cuff recap.

January: Dad diagnosed with lymphoma. Spent my last J-term in the arctic tundra that is Upland, Indiana.
February: Can't remember anything significant. Nooope... not one thing.
March: Spring Break in Ireland.
April: Passed my Senior portfolio! Aaaand Dad is cancer-free!
May: Graduate college! Move back to STL.
June: Weddings, working at a kid's day camp, Job-hunting, grad-school-applying and acceptance, general confusion about the direction of my life.
July: Fam vacation. Ditched the grad-school idea, and within a week, started my first real-life job with a salary and benefits and other such grown-up things.
August: Met Jack. Haaaay.
September: Fulfilled lifelong dream of seeing U2 in concert. Dad got laid-off.
October: Moved into new house and started dating "officially." (All in the same weekend, haaaay.) Also, TU Homecoming.
November: Peeper Denver weekend trip.
December: Christmas festivities. General month of merriment.

2009 was good to me. Clearly, I love being back in STL and am OH so thankful that when I had no clue what I was doing this summer (like ZERO), God did. Such a sweet lesson in trust. God is good. I have much to be thankful for.

2010, lookin forward to ya!



amandakcase said...

significant birthday duh. haha jk. thanks for the update b, I LOVE YOU and SOOO can't wait to see you in this new year! :)

blake elizabeth said...

HOW could I forget?! Amanda Kay Case was born! OBV! See you SOON!

ajbarlow said...

I like this update.

The Boojes said...

Happy birthday to you, a day late!!! =) I hope it was a fantastic one!

Love you!

Elkassas said...

nice to read your blog, the life usual carries us as we need, but sometimes we can't select what we need, so we accepted as it is. happy days for you.

d ogo said...

very cool


Lisa said...

Looks like you had a great year. I wish you the best in 2010...

blake elizabeth said...
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john said...

nice sharing

Epic_Fail said...

you are truly an inspiration!
thank you :)