Thursday, February 11, 2010

Resurrection of the blog.

Kiiiiinda hard to believe I haven't written in this thing since last year! Apparently, people still read this? I'm shocked. Thanks. :) Not making any promises... But I'll try to be better about updating!

So, life! I guess I should give a brief rundown... starting with where I left off?

Bachman January Birthdays! First came mine and my Dad's - Jan. 8! Jack and I went out to dinner at this place called Boogaloo, where we sat on actual SWINGS at the bar. I'm serious. SO awesome. Then Jack was like, "So heeey, let's go to McGurks now!" (McGurks is one of my favorite places in STL! A wooonderful Irish pub in Soulard.) Naturally, I was all about this. And a little bit oblivious. When we walked in the front door of McGurks, I looked up to see my roommate's mom. Weird coincidence, right? And then, there was my little brother, James. And then... my whole family? And like ALL of my/Jack's St. Louis friends?? Surprise party at an Irish Pub! Best Birthday ever!

Then, the following weekend, my dear Taylor/Ireland friends met up in STL for a little reunion. All sorts of fun. :) It's a blessing to have friends in so many different parts of the country who still love each other and keep in touch. LOVE these girls.

And now? Sheesh, it's ALREADY mid-February! Time flies when you're having fun, huh?


The Boojes said...

Hurrah! You're alive! And it's fun to see pics of you and Jack. He looks the same, just bigger. =) Tell him I said hi! Oh, and if you think of it, would you please email me your current address? Our Valentine's Letter will go out in the next week(ish). Thanks!

Epic_Fail said...

sounds like you're having a great time :)
love the guiness keg! :P

Shetty said...

Awesome One... :)