Monday, October 8, 2007

finally hitting me...

i've been realizing some things lately. as much as i miss the "good old days" on my old wing, i really do love it over here. i had a really great conversation with one of the girls in my small group last week. she also moved over from another dorm. as we were talking, it hit me that by living in these two different dorms with these two different sets of girls, i don't really find myself fitting into either stereotype. and, because i've lived in both, i'm realizing more and more how stupid those little "barriers" between dorms are. there are amazing girls in my old dorm, and there are amazing girls in this one. i'm thankful i get to see the bigger picture. and i'm thankful i'm here.

a few of the sweet things that have come with junior year...

top secret missions.

shaving cream fights with the brother wing.

melon gourd! 

hanging out with little brother/friends.

watching him get "initiated" into 3rd west. 

just being the random (but super sweet!) juniors that we are (or think we are). that's right. upperclassmen, baby!

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