Sunday, November 4, 2007

falling in love. (pun intended.)

it's a chilly, beautiful november afternoon. the sky is a perfect blue, dotted with wisps of cloud. the trees are radiant reds, oranges and yellows. i sit at my macbook, window open, wrapped in a blanket, attempting "homework," but i'm really just watching the falling leaves, listening to the weepies, drinking coffee. it's inspiring, really. i think i'm in love.


The Boojes said...

Happy for you, my friend! ...and I'll be happy someday to hear those words from you in all seriousness, too! =)(no pressure!)

Puddleglum in Texas said...

Wow. We Texans have a phrase for moments like those. Ahem.

"Boy howdy!"

Ineffable sublimity, no?