Friday, November 16, 2007

late night ramblings.

today, i tried to figure out when life started flying by. i think it was sophomore year. anyway. i wish it wouldn't. i mean, everyone's talking about housing for next year. it's NOVEMBER, kids. before i know it, we'll be talking about fricking graduation. i wish SO much that i could just live in the moment (you know - the whole sucking the marrow out of life thing? yeah.) and leave the future alone. just let it happen, you know? unfortunately, that's not how it works.

geeze louise.

innnnn other news... i am quite in love with the movie dan in real life. (and the soundtrack. ohh sondre lerche.) if you haven't seen it, i commend it to you. it is funny. and quirky. and inspiring. and beautiful. yes. go see it.

also... finally saw boondock saints tonight. whoa. whoa. WHOA. incredible. that's really all i have to say. i rather loved it.

is anyone else as ready for thanksgiving break as i am? i am antsy. and burnt out. (when did that happen?? ...slowly, but oh so surely.) i think i'm just really ready for this semester to be over. shoot, what am i saying?! i want to be in the moment and yet here i am, just wanting to move onto something new and fresh and hopefully a lot less stressful. j-term should be the perfect cure. but... i still have 4(ish) weeks left of this semester. and it would be a shame to wish them away. so despite all the projects and tests and papers, i am going to REALLY try to make them the best 4(ish) weeks i can. how? mmm, more friend time... definitely. more walks. more spontaneous outings. more coffee dates. more swinging at upland elementary. if at all possible, less time in the mac lab. ...that should keep me busy for now.

ok. bedtime. but before i do, a smattering of pics.

[coffee dates with old friends are my favorite.]

[haunted corn mazes are pretty cool, too.]

[grace olson... my window is on the second floor, immediately to the right of the farthest right pillar. love the gorgeous indiana sunset in the background.]

[megs slept on my futon last night... and needed to borrow pj's. so i made the sox fan wear this cards shirt. needless to say, i needed a photo of this.]

oook. that is all. goodnight.

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The Boojes said...

Almost a MONTH and no posts!!!! Where are you, Blakie!?!?

Seriously, where are you? Are you home yet? I'd love to see you! We're heading out the 22nd-27th, but other than that I'm open! =)