Friday, December 14, 2007

don't worry, i'm alive!

it's been brought to my attention that i've been slacking here. (thanks, suz!) and it's true. so i decided it's time to give you a little update on the happenings of blake elizabeth.

there isn't much else to update you on. i've lived and breathed projects this past month. i guess i'll give you some picture goodness instead. i'm not feeling my writing vibes tonight.

recap via pictures:

the heat went out. beyond our smiling faces, our teeth were chattering...

naturally, to warm up, we did an ab workout.

festive, no?

silent night!

christmas karaoke @ the hollipalooza with the president, his wife, and our student body president!

ok. more to come when i'm less braindead.

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The Boojes said...

thank you! how 'bout wed or thurs for kaldis? 10ish? will you even be awake then??? =)