Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thoughts on blogging.

I've blogged since the spring of 2005.  2005!!!  I cannot believe that.  I recently looked up my old xanga to reminisce.  (Yeah, remember xanga?)  :)  Hilarious.

Throughout my blogging "life," I've blogged multiple times a week and I've gone months with not a word.  I was better back then, with the ritual of sitting down, most likely a mug of coffee in hand, soft tunes playing over my macbook speakers, inspired to put my thoughts on the screen.  These days, I'm sporadic at best.

I want to change that.

To save money for the wedding, I moved home a few months ago.  Consequently, I've been sleeping in my old bedroom, filled with old pictures and magazine clippings, old notes and journals and memories.  I used to be so good at capturing my day-to-day life on paper.  In high school and college, I wrote constantly.  About everything.  Pages and pages!  I don't really have time to do that these days, but what I do have time to do is this:

I found this on my new favorite website,  Go there, and you will be hooked, I promise you.  It's a treasure trove of DIY project ideas, style & food inspiration, and lots of dreamy things that make you go ooh and ahh.  ANYWAYS!  This is "week at a time journaling."  My Grandma actually does this.  She records what she does all day: if she had a meaningful conversation, what the weather was like, what's going on in the world.  I am seriously considering this. How fun to look back on!  I like it.

In addition... I am going to make a bit of a blog comeback, here.  I miss it.  And there's much going on these days to write about.  :)  More later!


The Boojes said...

Hey, Blakie!

What we do is have a 3x5 card for each day of the year, with dividers for months, in a little box. Each AM at breakfast we write down the highlights of the day before. (ie, September 9 - 2010 (Thursday) - blah, blah. 2011 (Friday) - blah, blah) It's quick and simple and works for us...but then again, unlike you, I was never a big journaler. =)

I miss you! And I want to see you before you become a MRS!

Blake Elizabeth said...

Aw, cute idea! Hope all is well with you guys. I'd love to see you someday soon! Hopefully that'll work out. :)